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CHA TRA MUE Instant Tea & Premium Quality Tea Red Thai Tea 400 G


CHATRAMUE is a leading tea manufacturer in Thailand who have created a strong brand with quality tea products for local and people around the world.  Their dried tea products include red tea, green tea, oolong tea, rose tea Pricing per 1 pcs.

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CHATRAMUE Instant Tea & Premium Quality Tea Red Thai Tea 200 G Details:


CHATRAMUE Instant Tea & Premium Quality Tea Red Thai Tea

ChaTraMue ’s Thai Tea is made of the finest grade of quality tea. It has earned its widespread popularity in Thailand and around the world. Backed by 75 years of established experience in the art of tea blending, you deserve to enjoy the delightful taste of this original Thai Tea. With its unique superior flavor, superb aroma, and refreshing taste, this Thai Teais passed on from generation to generation.

It can be served in various concoctions catering to different preferences. Among these choices include plain tea, the famous Cha Yen (Thai Tea), Cha dam Yen (Thai Black Tea), Iced lemon tea, and bubble tea either hot or iced. Additionally, the product can be used as an enhancer to concoct your preferred beverage and it can even be mixed with various products to create new flavors for confectioneries, sweets and ice cream etc.

It can be used as a raw material for making beverages and desserts. Their products are best-selling in Thailand and overseas.

Cha Thai tea, jasmine green tea, with ready-made varieties, carefully selected varieties, and well-processed, resulting in a mellow tea taste, fragrant and delicious.



ChaTraMue Details :

– Thai tea, ChaTraMue Plus, instant powder
– Must be able to make a variety of hot/cold beverages such as iced tea, iced black tea, lemon tea

– Hand brand green tea, jasmine flavor, instant powder
– must be made into a variety of hot / cold drinks such as green tea, milk, lemon green tea
– Selection of tea leaves as well, resulting in a mellow tea taste original dark

– Hand branded rose tea plus an envelope
– It is recommended that Song be a variety of hot / cold drinks such as milk rose tea, honey rose tea.

– Hand brand coffee powder, concentrated, fragrant, delicious, taste and aroma of coffee
– Drink as Oliang or add condensed milk, artificial fresh milk Drink it as a hot coffee or add ice when you want to drink it cold.
– Contain it concentrated even ready to drink immediately

product benefits:

– It is recommended to make a variety of hot / cold drinks such as green tea, milk, lemon green tea.



product details :

– Thai tea, red tea, hand brand, packed 400 g./bag
– Hand brand jasmine green tea, packed 200 g./bag
– Hand brand rose tea, containing 75g / time (1 sachet contains 30 sachets)
– Hand brand coffee powder 400 g./bag



How to use:

1. Put the tea into the tea strainer.
2. Pour hot water into the glass rescue 4-5 times.
3. Mix sweetened condensed milk with sugar or as you like.
4. Pour into a glass with ice ready to serve.

– Once opened, don’t forget to use it within 6 months. – Should check if it’s cool and sealed.
-The quality and taste of the tea may compromise if stored in a place with garbage and sunlight.


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