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Hong Thai Inhaler Formula 2 Green Box Dry Herb Inhaler 12 Boxes

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Hongthai brand Thai traditional inhaler herbal. HongThai Inhaler is All Natural, Effervescent Herbal Blend Soothes, Cools, And Clears the Sinuses.HongThai Inhaler Green Box made from dry herbs 15 types. This price per 12 bottles

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Hong Thai Inhaler description

Hong Thai Inhaler is Local Thai Herbs Traditional Thai Herbal Inhalant Relief Nasal Congestion Stuffy Nose & Dizziness

Relaxing Sniff for refreshing from various Thai herbs blood circulation faint relief a fever and stuffy

The Ancestral recipe ensures that only quality ingredients be used for its manufacture.

Inside Hong Thai, Dry herbal

HongThai Properties :

It is a long lasting Herbal Inhaler with decongestant properties which can aid in the relief of Cold and Flu like symptoms, including blocked nose and sinus congestion and also help to provide relief from dizziness.

They have two formula : Green box and Yellow Box

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